The Black Hole.

I just spent the last two hours watching the bachelor finale with my mom.





My new favorite show

Readers, I have stumbled upon the best comedy I’ve seen in years (excluding 30 Rock.) It’s an Australian mockumentary called Summer Heights High. It’s star, Chris Lilley, is also the creator and writer of the show, and plays the 3 main characters: Jonah, the troubled 8th grader; J’aime, the snobby private school exchange student; and Mr. G, the over-the-top, flamboyant, self-centered drama teacher. I have been searching and searching the catacombs of youtube for the best clip to show you, and while this may not be the best introductory clip, it’s a pretty funny display of Mr. G’s method of teaching:


The following list includes a few of my current obsessions:

1. How I Met Your Mother

2. Cat Power

3. iTunes radio

4. the new grocery store downtown (im gonna check it out tomorrow)

5. that pathetically addictive song by The Veronicas (Tara, don’t act like you don’t  like it too.)

6. watching tv on dvd before bed, in my bed.

7. LOST starts in 2 weeks!

Back to Rockin’

One of my daily internet destinations is KC Star music critic Timothy Finn’s blog “Back to Rockville”. Recently, his wife and KC Star restaurant critic Lauren Chapin passed away, and i expected a bit of an absence of new posts for a while. Below is the link to his first post since his wife’s death. It’s not about music, but it’s a poignant return to his blog.



And she emerges…

Ok so I’ve been a bad blogger as of late, and i offer my sincerest apologies. Really, I do. But the strength of the Ninja Kitty video proved to be so powerful that i felt i could take a 2 month break without anyone noticing. But the two people who read this blog noticed, and the violent threats were enough to force me to post once again. Hence this post.

So here’s the best and the worst of the last two months:

Worst: Lost my car.

Best: Won 15 bucks at poker last night.

I think the two cancel each other out, don’t you?