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Is it Friday?

I’m going to Vegas on Monday and coming back Friday. I hate hate hate flying and airports. I would rather pick up gum off the ground and eat it. But once i’m there it’ll be fun. I’ll get to see Tara prance around on stage with her band. Maybe we’ll go to Red Rocks. I’m going to try to lay off the slots. Although last time proved to be very profitable for me. We’ll see.


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Last night was the first night in a while that i can’t remember even dreaming. My dreams have, for months, consisted of horrid and disturbing nightmares. But yesterday, everything abruptly changed. It wasn’t as bad as i thought. A bajillion concrete blocks were instantly lifted off my shoulders. I’m taking my time. After I lost my job (i.e. yesterday) I got the itch to start blogging; to “dooce it up”, if you will. (don’t know what i mean? check out dooce.com. i bow to this blog.) So i hope to turn this into something I utilize on a consistent basis. I am, afterall, stillĀ  a writer. My job didnt give me that title. I did.

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