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To follow in my favorite blogger’s key strokes (dooce.com), I have decided to change my header every month. For the month of August (i put it up early, sue me) i decided to use a photo i took in Portland, Oregon. This dude has a cat on his shoulder. And if i’m not mistaken, it has a leash. Talk amongst yourselves on this one.


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So, i’m moving this weekend. I haven’t even started packing yet, but really, what do I have to pack? Just my room. That’s it. Not a whole apartment or anything. The only furniture I’m bringing with me is my dresser. Should be an interesting week. Not only because I’m moving, but I have a freelance article due on Wednesday. I have no idea how people make time to freelance with a fulltime job. It’s impossible. I have to use my lunch break to call sources, who want to talk all the livelong day about the topic, and some don’t call you back, and why did i agree to do this? For the cash, people. For the cold, hard, delicious cash…which i won’t even see until publication. At least it’ll be a nice surprise in the mail. But i just can’t do it. And i dont really want to. I want my lunchtime to eat. I really don’t feel like writing at this point. Except for this blog.

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The past two times I’ve been to Target, I’ve walked out 50+ dollars poorer than when i walked in. God damn it. Travel coffee mug for work? I need that. Done and done. Cute little red shorts? Who doesnt need a pair? Toss it in the basket, i say.

My uncle is amazed by the architecture in the Plaza. Which i never really examined before, but it is actually pretty cool, even if it is a rip-off  of the architecture in Seville, Spain. But still, they done that shit up nice. My uncle and aunt love the coffee, the food, the art and the atmosphere (for the most part) of Kansas City. I love hearing stuff like that from visitors. Too often, people gloss over Kansas City, saying there’s nothing to do, nothing to see, no oceans (but fountains, people!), no mountains, no successful sports teams, no famous people, etc. But we’re getting there.  A lot of my friends make it there goal to get out of Kansas, like it’s this huge abyss of nothingness. There is no truthiness to that. Sometimes it takes getting away to miss the place you’re from. Now Vegas? That, people, is a huge abyss of razzle dazzle, slots, epilepsy-inducing flashing lights and hard liquor. There is 100 percent truthiness to that.

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So work is going well. My mum’s birthday is tomorrow (the big 6-0! shhh…) and to surprise her, my sister came in town tuesday night for one night, and then we had our aunt and uncle fly in and surprise her. Plus my other aunt is already here. So, aunt + aunt+ uncle + sister + mom not knowing about most of it = stress for ciara. Because as soon as Tara leaves, it’s all on me to keep the fam. happy. Which isnt too big a deal, but i got some juggling to do. Ain’t no thang.

Top Chef is on! later, suckas…

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Try. This. Now.

I got this idea from another person’s blog. Google your name + “is a” and post the top ten searchs. A bunch of the ones i got are wack. You’ll see:

1. Ciara is not a hermaphrodite. These are all just rumours. Do a little research. There has been no record of Ciara every being on Oprah.

2. CIARA is a calculations and database program for chemists.

3. Ciara stars in a movie produced by MTV called “All You’ve Got”.

4. Ciara is a relative newcomer to the music scene, but already she’s catching the attention of musical heavyweights.

5. i dont think ciara iz a man itz just a rumor sum 1 started cuz they hatin on her all yall who say ciara is a man are trippin.

6. Is Ciara a Transsexual Hermaphrodite Lesbian Transvestite?

7. R&B diva Ciara ascended from a makeshift platform into a cloud of smoke as she took the stage at New York’s Nokia Theatre on Sunday.

8. Springing from the same state as fellow-Texan, Beyonce, Ciara’s stock in trade boasts the same vocal dexterity.

9. Who is Ciara? Why is she famous? What does she do? Why was she on Good Morning America today? These questions have haunted man since the dawn of time…

10. Ciara Harris in relationships: The ABCs of Ciara Harris’ relationships.
And now for my synopsis: WHAT THE BALLS. What is with all the hermaphrodite crap?

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Well hello! I can’t remember the last time i posted, and usually that in itself is a strong indicator that i need to post again. So, since my last post, i have started a brand new job at BNIM Architects. It’s cool. I can listen to other people’s music on the company’s itunes library. i can hear the sounds of construction going on in downtown. I can learn tons about architecture. What have you learned so far? shared music + downtown + architecture = fun.

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