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Great balls of fire

So i was at Skies this past weekend with a few friends o’ mine, and there we are, sitting with a great view of the city, clinking glasses. The bar rotates, and as we get a view of south Kansas City, we see these huge clouds of smoke and then firey flames! Big flames, explosive flames, etc. Soon, practically everyone in bar was staring at the fire. My friend Ashley swears it was a meth lab. And i bet she’s right. I would publish photos of the flames for you, but they showed up as tiny little orange dots, and really, that’s the equivalent of someone showing you photos of their “amazing” vacation to Branson.


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itches in my britches

ha. just kidding. But i did get a tad sunburned (or is it burnt?) at the ethnic festival this past weekend. I wasnt even there an hour and my pale ass (i.e. arms and neck) got toasty. ‘Tis the blight of an Irish lass.

I finally got my canvas lunch sack up and running. My next motion towards environmental greatness is to set up a nice recycling system at the apartment. I want to be hardcore and get some colored bins, but i might have to settle for plain white trash bins.

I’m going to see Superbad tonight. Review to follow..

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A little birdie (Gary Lezak) told me that it’s going to be in the 100s most of next week. that is going to suck hard. My pale ass is not used to all this sunshine. I would hate to be  a gardener right now. Or a dog walker. Or Lindsey Lohan.

The “maintenance” people at my apartment are lazy fools. Kristen and her sister have called a crap ton of times to get them to clean the carpet before i moved in and they still havent come. I get home late last night to find every light on in the apartment and the blinds pulled open. Yet the carpet is still crappy and no one left a note. YOU ALWAYS LEAVE A NOTE. If you don’t, some poor girl (i.e. me) will think that an evil doer is hiding under the bed.

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my new digs…

This weekend i moved in with my friend Kristen. Her sister moved to Columbia and I took her spot. My room is sweet. I bought a sexy little comforter (that looks pretty much like my old one) and a shoe rack. You have no idea what this shoe rack means to me. It means that my carpet wont be covered in dirt and leaves by the end of the year. While i was packing on Friday night, I ALMOST threw away the best present anyone has or will ever get me: My last supper beach towel. Yes. You read that right. A last supper (ie Jesus and his buds clinkin’ wine chalices) beach towel. My friend Jenny got it for me while she was in the Peace Corps in El Salvador. What a great pal. Kristen and i are in serious discussions to hang it up on the living room wall. It fits right in with her French cat poster and her collection of south park dvds.

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