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Thank you, steak, thank you.

So, last night I went to Capital Grill for a delicious steak. People, I cannot tell you the MASSIVE difference between a steak at, say, Crapplebee’s versus a steak at Capital Grill. So I won’t. But trust me, it’s as if little steak fairies sprinkled heaven dust on each bite. And I didn’t even need A1 sauce! Imagine that. We also got crab cakes (scrumptious) and I had a cup of lobster bisque (which is solely why lobsters are on this earth.)
At the table next to us, a 25-ish looking’ dude who looked like he just came from a re-make of Leave it to Beaver was having a romantical dinner with his ladyfriend who looked like she should have had a stamp on her forehead that said “minor!”. Anyway, the waiter brought over this dessert and the dude moved from his side of the table to hers, then she starts crying and I find out that he just proposed. However, he didn’t get on one knee; instead, he had the chef write “will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce across the plate. I can perfectly sum up this idea in one word: LAME.
Anyway, thanks to everyone for sending birthday wishes and letting me know I am an old fart.


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So, this Friday (my birthday, if you’re keeping tabs) I am going to have a scrumptious steak at Capital Grille. Ever since my roommate Kristen told me how she practically passed out from the deliciousness (i.e. price) of the steak, i have had dreams of a steak with little legs running like the dickens from me and my giant fork.

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I love to accept tentatively

At work, i get a lot of emails about this meeting or that lunch or that event. And sometimes, i just don’t know what kinda time i got. So, i would usually cick “accept” and feel guilty about the fact that i might have taken someone’s well-deserved spot at some delicious luncheon when i know that theres a good chance i won’t be going. So guilty, that is, until i discovered the “accept tentatively” option.
Now, i use this option like it’s my fucking job. All staff lunch next month? Why yes, that sounds delightful, i shall accept with tentativeness. Big huge important mandatory must-be-there-or-get-canned meeting next week? Of course I’ll be there! Maaaaaaaybeeee……

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Well it’s about damn time


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Oh my god i’m turning 25

So, I turn 25 two weeks from tomorrow. And every year around this time, I get apathetic/meloncholy about turning a year older. Because that’s what people do when they’re birthday comes around. At least people my age and up. Because you get closer and closer to not being mistaken for a kid anymore, and farther away from getting carded by mistake, and WAY farther away from being able to get kids meals instead of the regular meals because they’re cheaper and better portioned.
And for some odd reason, by sister hated being 23 and loves loves loves being 24 merely because the numbers fit better together and work better together or some weird cosmic crap like that. (no offense, Tara. Kisses!) Kind of like Britney and Kevin vs. Britney and Justin. Or Craig Kilborn hosting the Daily Show vs. John Stewart hosting the Daily Show. See what i’m doing here? They’re called analogies, folks. Not the best ones, but still, shut up about it.

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This took balls

So, one of the most hilarious people on the planet, Kathy Griffin, just won an emmy for her reality show last night. And this, my friends, is one of the most ballsy and funniest quotes I’ve come across in a while:

“A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this. He had nothing to do with this. Suck it, Jesus. This award is my God now.”

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So i was eating a delicious sandwich (tuna, sans vinagrette) at the Bronx this past weekend with a pal o’ mine and Alanis Morrissett’s song “you outta know” came on the radio. So i said, “you know, i’ve never understood the lyric ‘cross-eyed bear that you gave to me”. And after the biggest pause in the existence of pauses, she says, “It’s actually ‘cross I bear that you gave to me.'” You don’t understand. THAT LYRIC HAS HAUNTED ME FOR YEARS. Every single time that song came on the radio,  I would try my little heart out to understand what she meant by cross-eyed bear. Every. Single. Time.

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