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In case you missed it.

Best line in tonight’s 30 Rock episode:

Liz Lemon: I told him i was 29. I swore to myself i would never lie about my age.
Jenna: I swore to myself that i would never screw Asian men, but the next thing you know, you’re in a Sharper Image store and there’s Kwan.”

And you’re welcome.


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Fragmented sentences

I stuffed myself to oblivion this ENTIRE weekend.
Lions are not always the kings of the wild: http://www.youtube.com/battleatkruger
KU chokes in big games IN EVERY SINGLE SPORT.
I love the game “Sequence”, partly because it’s not a card game, yet…it IS.
I finally moved the boxes out of the corner of my living room that had been sitting there since August.

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Dancing with myself

So, i have the apartment to myself this week and i hate it. Here are the reasons why:
1. goblins are more apt to suck out my soul while i sleep.
2. all messes are my messes, and therefore no one else’s messes.
3. goblins are more apt to suck out my soul when i come home from work.
4. i have to buy toilet paper.
5. i have no one to talk to, therefore i talk to myself.
6. goblins.

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In pursuit of…trivia!

So for the past few friday nights, i have been involved in a debaucherous cult known as trivial pursuit. I now know the reason i was born: to let everyone know that i, without hesitation, can say which Celtic became the second tallest basketball player in the NBA to retire after Larry Bird. Ha! you guys would have totally jumped in and yelled Larry Bird right after the word “Celtic”, and you would have been wrong. DEAD wrong. Everyone knows that the answer is Robert Parish. And by everyone, i mean me and Robert Parish. And the person who created that question in the first place. And i guess Robert Parish’s close friends. And his wife. And maybe his kids, but if they were young enough, they probably wouldnt give two shits.

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cookies make you FAT

I got these chocolate chip cookies at Whole Foods yesterday while doing my weekly shopping. And because i got them at whole foods, they are therefore completely heathly. So i had one. And then today, I had 5. And i’m pretty sure the package will be empty by tomorrow night. But i dont give two camel’s asses. Because they are that. flipping. good.

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if i were a rock star

So, i went to the Tegan and Sara concert in Lawrence on Monday and the thing i keep learning about myself when i go to concerts is this: i. hate. standing. for. long. periods. of. time. I don’t know what it is. I’m sure i’ve stood for longer at places that are not concert venues, and i’ve been fine. But when i’m standing in the same spot surrounded by drunk ass faces who think that screaming like Xena is necessary, well i just can’t stand it. (no pun intended.)
But aside from that, it was a great show. Northern State, a female rap trio, opened and were so good i bought their cd off itunes. And then tegan and sara came on, and they were good, but i could tell that this was probably just another show, in another city, and they weren’t going to make any insantly “you tube-able” live show moments.
Except for one.
So they did what they called their “pretend last song” and then they came back for their encore, which everyone knew would be their signature song, “walking with the ghost”. So sara comes out with a guitar, no mic, no amp, and tries to get everyone to sing the song while she plays. Except no one in the audience could get their shit together, because, oh i dont know, IT’S A CONCERT, NOT CHURCH. And show she gave us two shots and then gave up and played one more song and that was it. A one-song encore. What. The. Balls.
But i’m actually not as pissed as some people who went to the show were. I’ve read the comments on various websites, saying that they should get their heads out of their Canadian asses, but i didnt really care. Vote Canadian!

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Fall Back

So, i changed the header for the month of November and although it is not Thanksgivingish at all, it’s cool and that’s all that matters. I took that photo of a lizard blending in with the dirt while on a hike in the Oregon trails..hehe. Not THE Oregon Trails, i actually forgot where the hell we actually were, but it was in Oregon i swear. Ask Tara. She can vouch for me.

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