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To Catch a Predator is on!


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I. Am. Back.

So i got back from Vegas a short while ago. I hate flying. I keep thinking I will perish in a ball of flames and the entire event will be tediously studied and turned into an episode of Airline Emergency – which, incedentally, I love watching. And then i get on the damn plane and almost immediately, all those horrifying episodes of a wing just falling off or half the plane tearing away come rushing back to my brain. God. Damn. It.
But aside from my pesky little fear, the trip was fun. Baby Jesus was good to me again and blessed me win moneys from the slots. I am going to start watching The Amazing Race. And as always, my twin and her bandmates are tons of fun. (hi alana! booookay?)
Annnnyway, I’m tuckered out. Nighty night.

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So, it’s the end of the year (shocker) and i’ve been wanting to write a “best of 2007” post for a few weeks now. I know that tons of bloggers and writers and reviewers do these posts as well, but that’s because they’re so damn fun. But by the end of the year, i can’t ever seem to remember what great things happened all throughout the year. So, i’m just going to post a general list of music, movies, tv shows, and anything else that comes to mind that i whole-heartedly enjoyed in 2007:

Concerts: I don’t even think i went to handful this year, but the Scissor Sisters show in March was excellent, as was Tegan and Sara (with Northern State) in November.

Music: Arcade Fire, Tegan and Sara, Northern State, Pinback, Laura Veir, Kanye West, Andrew Bird, Ryan Adams, Feist.

TV Shows: 30 Rock. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Movies: Knocked Up, Superbad, Red without Blue, Sicko, Fracture.

Cheers to 2007! 

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For the love of blog!

So, as you can probably guess, I’m having a hard time deciding what my blog should look like. The change started just after my blackle post, when my dear twin kindly alerted me that i was frickin’ hypocrite for having a blog with a white background. Thus, this blog background, which i like, AND it’s black!

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Below is a list of things i need to do but am too lazy to get done:

1. get my car fixed
2. make a dentist appointment
3. make an eye doctor appointment
4. go xmas shopping
5. scrape off my car
6. make breakfast
7. shower

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Bush impeached!

Just kidding. But for reals, I just found out the SECOND best news ever a few moments ago. I hope you’re sitting down for this…
The Starbucks in Westport is closing. Yay!!!
Starbucks won’t say why, but we all know it’s because they couldn’t take the heat from the best coffee shop in the world, Broadway Cafe.
Viva la Broadway!

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So, i was reading the new Rolling Stone whilst doing my laundry at my mom’s place, and i came across an article on Feist, one of my favorite artists of 2007. And in this artice, she says that she recently stumbled across her father’s unpublished memoir. She says that one analogy within the manuscript really stuck with her, and after i read it, it really stuck with me. So i’m spreading the word:

“Life is like a road in front of you. The rearview mirror is smaller than the windshield, and so people are looking toward the future and don’t have as much perspective on the past. But I really do feel like I’ll crash from always looking back.”

Ain’t that a beauty?

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