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A Letter

Dear HyVee checker,

If you EVER place my orange juice ON TOP of my french onion sunchips again I swear I will make you price check every single item i get next time. And i know how much that sucks because i did it for 6 years. You will pay!


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Summer Vacation

I’m asking for suggestions as to where i should go with my dear twin this June-ish. The following places are NOT going to be considered whatsoever because they are shitdumps:
New Jersey

Suggest away!

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If anyone caught the dems debate a few nights ago, you probably saw Clinton and Obama spittin’ mad and hurling fightin’ words at each other. You could totally tell that if they were in a bar, they’d be smashing Miller light bottles on each other’s heads. Well, I take that back. Clinton looks like a total hair-puller. And poor, cutesy little Edwards couldnt get a word in except to say “there are three people in this debate!” He’s losing and he knows it.
And as of recently, one of my favorite things to do is watch clips of the candidates interacting with the public. I loved loved loved watching Romney asking little black children what kind of bling they had and “who let the dogs out?” What. An. Asshat. Or is it ass hat? Or ass-hat? I give up. He’s all three.

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I’m watching VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the ’80s and the most interesting thing i’ve found out so far is that the girl who sang “99 Luftballoons” had hairy armpits in the video. Ick! Don’t Germans shave? You’re in a video that has been cemented in time! Shave them armpits!

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Morning observation

So every morning before work, i watch 10 minutes of television and eat breakfast. I usually flip between the Today Show and music videos.

As i was watching one particular musical video, i noticed something odd. Now, i must add a disclaimer beforei continue: I HATE Sean Kingston. I don’t advocate his crappy Jamaican/R&B/Rap music at all, but as i watched his video for whatever song is his latest right now, i noticed that MTV has a weird idea of what lyrics to censor. Also keep in mind that when i heard this same song on the radio, nothing was censored.

So one lyric goes “We’ll sip pina colladas”. This was censored! Yet other videos are allowed to say bacardi, patrone, vodka, etc. This made no sense to me.

The lyric IMMEDIATELY following that one says “We’ll go to the slums, where killers get hung.” This was not censored. Does anyone else see the problem here?

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Insert title here

I hate coming up with titles for my posts. I feel this pressure for to be clever and feel as if i fail every time. But, wordpress screams at me when i don’t come up with one, so i grudgingly oblige. (actually it nicely asks if im sure that i want to post without a subject line, but i digress.)
So work is crazy this week and I’m quite tired so I think im going to hit the hay. Hopefully it snows tomorrow. I wasnt to pleased with this 60s weather shit we had goin’ on today. What the eff, Gary Lezak? Can’t you do something about that? It’s winter for christ’s sake.

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When i kick the ol’ bucket, i wanna be buried in one of these:


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