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On the Radio

The radio was on while i was driving home on Friday night. A dj on Mix 93.3 was broadcasting from America’s Pub (best club in the city. yea! TOTALLY kidding…). Anywho, he was yapping about how great it is and how everyone should come down and party their asses off, and he had a group of what i am only assuming were blond sorority biotches hootin’ and hollering behind him. Below is a transcript of his short conversation with one girl:

DJ: So you told me you had a pretty cool job. Tell everyone what you do!

Girl: I make ice cream containers. Woooo!!!!


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…not really. ha. but you probably new that. However, i do have a useful website to share.  But first, some background: I have had bags and bags full of stuff to recycle for the past month now (mostly glass bottles) because the first place i went to closed, and then the second place i went to closed. And then, for a fleeting moment, I thought about going on a rampage where all i would do is throw glass bottles out the window as i drive – just to get rid of them. But seeing as people go apeshit get angry when someone throws a cigarette butt out the window, i thought that might be a tad stupid. But then i remembered that a guy i work with helped create this website: http://www.recyclespot.org. You can find a location based on the materials you need to recycle, or a place based on your zip code. This makes me jump and click my heels.

New topic:  About a week ago, i heard about a group called Improv Everywhere. (www.improveverywhere.com) They do many highly entertaining stunts that boggle the unsuspecting public. Example: They gathered 200 new yorkers to go to Grand Central Station. They all synchronized their watches, and at a certain time, they all froze in place for 5 minutes. People are frozen mid-bite, tying their shoelaces –  you name it. And it is amazing. Highly youtubeable.

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music sharing! (legally)

Since i’ve had itunes giftcards to burn thanks to the holidays, i have purchased more music more frequently than i usually would. Part of this has to do with how easy it is to buy music online, but most of it has to do with the fact that it is FREE. So, in the hopes that you will discover a new favorite artist or song from the recommendations of this post, i have decided to post my purchases of the new year thus far:


1. Laura Veirs “Saltbreakers”
2. Pinback “Autumn of the Seraphs”
3. Spoon “Gimme Fiction”
4. Spoon “Ga ga ga ga ga”
5. Kate Nash “Made of Bricks”
6. Against Me! “New Wave”
7. Nada Surf “Lucky”


1. Sea Wolf “You’re a Wolf”
2. Enon “Disposable Parts”
3. The New Amsterdams “The Death of Us”
4. The Octopus Project “The Adjustor”
5. Plumb “Blush (Only You)”
6. The Reason “We’re So Beyond This”


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Boy, is my face red

So i went to lawrence last night to hang out with some pals o’ mine and we’re walking past the Jackpot and i notice that the girl at the door looks really familiar. She sees me too and says, hey, ciara! long time!” and we hug and i said “amanda! what’s up?”
So i correct myself but if i could summarize the dialogue in my brain at that moment, it would be the following:

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I got a new phone today. And now, i am incapable of texting at the warped speed i am famous for. *(in my head, i imagine myself at the World Texting Championships, leaning down to accept my first place medal for Fastest and Most Grammatically Accurate Texter. What i dream!)

I didnt realize it at the time, but i basically bought the same phone i had before. It’s black. It has the same features. It has the same icons and paths to get to certain features. The only thing that sucks is there are NO ringtone options already in the phone, INCLUDING the ones i already bought for my old phone. Sunnuva biscuit-eating bull dog!

*Please note that the content enclosed in paratheses is in jest.

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