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So, because i worked a ton of overtime this week, i decided to take today off. And it is nothing short of magnificent. I initially woke up at 10, and decided that i had to do the day more justice than that, and before i knew it, it was 1 p.m. Oh well, i guess i needed the rest, and it’s not like i had crap planned for today anyway.

Last night, i participated in a charity event for Greensburg, Kansas at the College Basketball Experience in the Sprint Center. That place is awesome.  Seriously, go check it out if you can.  The event was a blast because i got to play basketball. yay!


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exercise hurts.

So, we had our first flag football practice for the spring season yesterday, and subsequently (4-syllable word!), my entire body is crying today. I have to lift my legs with my hands to put on shoes.

And i will be at work today (a sunday) for a very, very long time. Yay caffeine and ping pong breaks!

And go jayhawks! sweet sixteen baby!

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The Science of Sleep

So, i was watching 60 Minutes tonight ( i know, i know…i’m awesome) and they aired a segment on sleep deprivation. And the doctor/expert dude they were interviewing said that so many people he studied had told him the following: if ever a pill becomes available that can eliminate the need for sleep, they would take it. Hands down.

Why the hell would you do that? And what would our world become if no one needed sleep anymore? Can you imagine?

The workday would become longer.  A 12-hour day would become the new 8-hour day.  The world would become divided into night people and day people.

Would people even get tired any more? Would all bedding and mattress stores go out of business?

And no one would dream anymore.

This sounds like a horrible concept. Long live sleep!

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I did a little spring cleaning yesterday and filled two trashbags worth of clothes from my closet. Just stuff that didn’t make the cut and stuff that didn’t fit me anymore. I’m so happy with myself that I’m going to go out today and buy more clothes to fill the extra space.

Yesterday, a coworker asked me where in the world i would want to go if i could go anywhere. And i didnt really have an answer, so i just spewed something like “australijapanvilleton”. And it made me think : it’s quite sad that my fear of plummeting to the earth in a ball of flames  aerophobia is so bad that it’s preventing me from wanting to travel to new places. And then i thought, “mmm I want some chocolate.” So i temporarily forgot all about my fear. But it’s still there!

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Shut. Up.

The guy below me has a loud, obnoxious cackle that i have had to hear for the past hour and a half. I want to slam my head into the coffee table. STOP CACKLING. STOP. IT.

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Drum roll please………And the first craptacular movie viewing by Ciara of 2008 is: Be Kind Rewind. That movie sucked HARD. What’s so deceiving is that I like Jack Black, despite the fact that he peaked in High Fidelity. This movie was just weird, and not in a purposeful way. And i wasnt funny. And it was dumb. And I paid $9.50 for that crap! When the hell did $9.50 happen?

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