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This is disgusting.

I had a total Arachnophobia moment this weekend. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

It’s Saturday. I had just stopped by the best coffee shop in the world Broadway Cafe to get a delightful mocha and was driving home and talking to my sister on my cell phone, WHICH IS NOT ILLEGAL AND I DRIVE RESPONSIBLY SO GET OFF MY BACK. Anyway, i was talking and driving and talking and driving, and i reached for my coffee to take a sip. As the cup is nearing my mouth, i glance down at the lid, and there it is. A spider. Right on the part of the lid i was about to touch. WITH. MY. LIPS. When i would have nightmares about this exact moment, i pictured myself starting to weave uncontrollably across 10 lanes of traffic fighting to get this spawn of satan spider away from me. In reality, i freaked out on the phone to my sister and drove to the nearest gas station to throw it away. Gives me shivers everytime i think of myself almost drinking that.


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Fried Mars Bars

The tv is on and i’m watching this English dude frying candy bars and twinkies. That. Is. Gross. The host of the show asked the owner about the health risks of only serving fried food, and he says, “the hospital is only a couple blocks away.” Blerg!

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Watch this

I found this on one of the blogs i read, http://www.dooce.com. Be patient. It’s not totally incredible at first, but then the song explodes!

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my babies did it!

So, my twinnie and i, like so many other people (kansans, transplants, and nationwide kids) have been die hard jayhawk fans since we were in middle school. And i cant really say if this is true about other teams, because i would never know, but every kansas team – at least under Roy and Bill – has been comprised of the nicest players (with one or two bad apples, ehem J.R. Gooden.) And each year, we’ve been so broken hearted at the abrupt end of the tournament. Not so much for us, but for the team. But there was something about this year! I tried not to buy into it. That it’s exactly 20 years after our last championship. That one of the refs last night also reffed for the ’88 game. But it finally happened, and i couldnt be happier. I keep watchng Super Mario’s wondermous 3-point shot over and over. And it gives me chills every single time.

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Mass Street Mania!

Holy. Mother. of Crap. I cannot believe the game last night! What a victory! My little jayhawks are just one game away from the big championship win. But im cautiously optimistic….the memphis fans are saying the exact same thing about their tigers, so we’re just gonna have to see how this plays out.  So in the meantime, i’ll tell you my two favorite overheard phrases i remember from experiencing the mayhem down on Mass Street:

1. “I’m so happy i’m in school!”

2. “Woo! only one more game to go…right?”

Go jayhawks!

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