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So, i’ve been slacking about this blog thing lately, but only because i’ve been working a few late nights, feeding the dogs, and other suchness.

The dogs: tonight is my last night with them, and to be honest, I will miss one more than the other, and i dont think it’s hard to guess which one. If you recall what i said in my last post, Cocoa tried to dismember me when we first met. Since then, i have not touched her. Seriously, i’ve kept my distance. I kind of like having two hands and ten fingers.

Now Chopper, on the other hand, is the sweetest dog in the world. His only downfall is that he likes to watch me take my showers and every night, he leaves a huge puddle of slobber in the middle of the kitchen floor. Not to mention the fact that if you take him on walks and he sees another dog, he tries to rip it to shreds. But i efficiently solved that potential dilemma by not take the dogs on any walks for the entire week. Hell, they can go outside and have relay races any time they want. I figure they have their own exercise regiments.


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I am going to be dog sitting for a week at the end of may. i met the dogs yesterday to get acquainted and one of them tried to bite me. The other, while on walks, goes ape shit when it sees another dog. so ive decided that the obvious solution is to lock them in the basement for duration of the week keep my distance with the biting one and keep the other on a very short leash.

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this is awesome.

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…and i’m back

So, i was in St. Louis this past weekend, causing all sorts of debauchery and mayhem, or as the locals like to call it: paddleboating in Forest Park. There are reasons why people like me shouldnt get it one of those things, because i swear, if one more duck got it my paddleboat’s path, i was going to run it over, and i’m pretty sure it’s called paddleboating and not paddle-bumper-car-boating.

Lizz and i had tickets to go see the duo from the movie Once the Monday we all got back, and we ended up getting back so late that we decided not to go to the concert. Which i have never done it my life and will never do again after reading the glowing review on kansascity.com yesterday. To which my response was “Son. Of. A. Bitch.”

Now, im focusing on my upcoming sister trip to the city of sin we’ve all heard about and the place where all the cool kids in high school go to do thousands of body shots during their spring break: Burlington, Vermont. And then we’ll drive up to Montreal, which will be neat because supposedly, people there speak this language called French, which will be a BLAST because i know all of about two words in that language, and one of them i think is slightly naughty.

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