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Because I feel too lazy to write actual sentences (except this one), I will hereby present to you lists of recent things i have purchased or seen that i have either a) liked or b) disliked:


Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool”

Kanye West’s “Graduation”

Po’s Dumplings on 39th

Korma Sutra in Westport



The Happening

Sex and the City movie

slow drivers

fast asshole drivers


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Off the road

So, i got back late late late Monday night after all my flights were canceled Sunday because Chicago weatherpersons forcasted a cloud or something and thus decided to make everyone’s lives miserable – ie, MINE. Don’t get me wrong – i really do appreciate the airlines wanting to not fly in bad weather, but to have to eat the cost of another night’s hotel room, food, and booze, well – it just wasnt in my planned budget. But im okay.

I still havent quite recovered from the trip as i am quite exhausted – so exhausted that im quite sure it would be illegal for me to drive. Or talk. Or work. But hey, you only live once, am i right?!

And now, a one-word synopsis of the Twin Trip 2008:

Burlington: calm

Montreal: drunk

On a separate note, i have been officially sucked into the NBA finals. I havent watched the NBA in literally years, but while i was stuck in Burlington for that extra night, i watched game 2, and last night i watched game 3. Tomorrow is – you guessed it – game 4, and i still cant decide who im rooting for. A typical Kansas fan would want Paul Pierce’s Celtics to get the title. While a old school Phil Jackson fan would want to see him get his 10th title ring and become the winningest coach in NBA history.

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