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Let’s do some simple math, shall we?

Joining a gym AND buying 5 sessions with a trainer a couple weeks ago


Getting paid once a month on the last business day of each month


Ciara going to the store with her change bank and buying macaroni and cheese.


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so i believe one of my recent posts detailed my news of joining a gym. And i signed up for a few training sessions just to learn how to work out correctly and not wake up someday in the near future howling in pain because i wasnt aware that you couldnt run on a treadmill at full speed backwards, or say, for instance, on my hands and knees. That’s merely a hypothetical situation, but m’just sayin’. you never know.

Last night i went to the gym for the first time completely by myself and without a training session to entice me. And it was kinda fun. I ran and ran and ran, and walked, and ran again, and walked. And i cant describe to you the feeling of getting off the treadmill and still feeling like i was on the treadmill. it was bizarre.

In other news, my mom’s birthday is Saturday. She’s 75 and still kickin! Kidding. She’s probably younger than that.

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Happy 4th.

I have not one thing to do today and it feels awesome. i dont even really care about fireworks. i just care about catching up on Lost, crying over the money im sacrificing to join 24-hour fitness, and eating things with bbq sauce on them.

I am excited about joining the gym. During my tour of the location i’ll mainly use, i saw the basketball courts. A pick-up game was in progress and though it was mostly dudes, a few girls were playing as well. yay! I’ll be so excited if i can play in some games a few times a week.

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