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I’m not even going to explain this. I will just introduce this clip with one word: Brilliance.


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I’m not a movie watcher. I don’t understand how people can buy dvds like music, sometimes buying movies before they’ve seen them, and how people can have stacks and stacks of dvds. I just don’t think i’ve got the attention span. The select movies i do own have earned their right to sit on my shelf, as they are the only movies i can watch again and again and still be entertained. Among the shortlist are High Fidelity, Mean Girls, Emperor’s New Groove and Best in Show. I’d like to add All The President’s Men, and Knocked Up. I have to say that the latter has made me crack up more times than any other movie in recent memory.

People are shocked and sometimes offended when i say that i have not yet seen the most classic of all classics: Goonies, Back to the Future, Star Wars. And in response, i simply say, “I played outside.”

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Eaten alive

I was at a birthday barbeque this past weekend and holy crap if i got what was coming to me. My left leg is covered in mosquito bites. I’ve got random spots on my right leg, a few on my arms, one on my shoulder, and a one on my left ring finger knuckle. And why is it that nothing makes me feel more whitetrash than seeing my white-ass legs covered in bright red dots?

And another thing: Why, CNN.com, do i want to read about how a girl was forced to walk on her hands for 3 minutes?

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